A day at Ankor Wat with David Leight

5:00am January 15th 2015
The dawn, the air was crisp and it seemed like the town was just waking up. Stepping out of the guest house I was met by Bona my TukTuk driver from the airport and David.
David and I connected almost instantly and within 5 minutes i discovered that him and I had many similarities when it came to our way of life. He had a very charismatic way of speaking that allowed you to bond without any hesitation.

When we arrived at Ankor Wat it was still dark outside, however the lack of sunlight did not deter the swarms of tourist that gathered.
There was something magnetic about the air, and about the temple and its majesty.
As the sun rose, the colors blossomed to unveil the beauty that was Ankor Wat.
Picture don’t do it justice, words wouldn’t be able to properly explain the experience. Nevertheless, I have included the images of my adventures with David at Ankor Wat.








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