From Kunming to Siem Reap (Cambodia)

It was a handsome morning 5:00am to be exact. That was the wake up call from the Hotel reception.
I was groggy not only because of the early morning, but also because it wasn’t a warm night, I spent most of it watching movies on my iPad and watching the clock run.
Kunming in January is definitely not warm. I spent the next half hour making figures with my breath while me and a few other patrons waited for the airport shuttle. Current emotional status? Anxious!
I wasn’t sure how the roads were going to be, and I wasn’t sure what the chaos would be like once I reached the airport – I didn’t want to miss my 7:50am flight.
Fast forward to my arrival in Siem Reap. The warm breeze greeted me as I descended the aero plane steps. The sweet smell of fragrant incense enveloped the air, and I felt instantly at peace.
Clearing through customs was not too much of a hassle, they did however pull me aside for further questioning and to also inspect my passport. (They didn’t believe I was Canadian I am guessing)
Anyway I was finally cleared, and immediately found a taxi service to motor me to the city centre where I would find a hostel to stay.
My arrival to the hostel was quick, I decided to shower and do what I love to do best when I’m in a new area, which is to explore the neighborhood on foot.
The moment I stepped out of the hostel I turned the corner and was asked if I wanted some food by the owner. Looking at the menu I saw the local dish named Amok that was recommended to me by a dear friend of mine. I had to try it immediately.
The Amok was good, It had a rather unique flavor to it, but the rice seemed quite cold at this particular shop.
After an hour or two of exploring the night market, I began to feel a discomforting feeling in my stomach. I didn’t vomit that night but I did however go to sleep quite early for two reasons, 1 being I was feeling ill, second, being that I had to be up early to get to Ankor Wat for the Sunrise.






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