A day on the floating city

This morning was a little different from the previous early start to the day. This morning I was able to sleep in a little longer and recuperate from the previous day of temple running. 😜

On this morning I was able to go for my famous walks of exploration, to get to know the town I was staying in. I was awed by some of the architecture and the scenery it was surrounded by. A unique contrast to the way of life the Khmer people lived.

After my walk, I headed back to my hostel where I was to be picked up by Bonar, my TukTuk driver. We would be picking David up for brunch then head to the airport to see him off.
Brunch was fabulous, we had Indian cuisine that was absolutely splendid.

After we had dropped David off at the airport, Bonar and I headed to the floating city. The ride was simply divine, a welcomed peace that I longed for. I was further taken away by the beauty of the green fields that welcomed you as you enter the gloating city. It was an area untouched by economic commercialization.

While on the floating city, my guide was able to inform me how the river inhabitants don’t get much assistance from the government or even the international business that are operating on the the river. Immediately I was struck with compassion and decided to embark on another journey for the near future. I will be turning my efforts to organize a program that will provided assistance for many children in need. My email will be at the bottom if anyone wants to contact me for further details or discuss how you can be part of the project.

The ride proved to be very eye opening for me. Seeing how the people lived made me realize how fortunate myself and many people like me are.





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