Less than – 7 Years in Tibet

My journey to Tibet 2016
We left Shenzhen on the 28th. It was 9:30pm and the last train to Guangzhou was at 10:28pm.

We had sometime 🙂

We ended up leaving the apartment at 9:56pm – now we were pushing it…

I ordered a taxi, and for some strange reason, there was a surcharge for the trip to the train station.

What would have originally cost ¥11.00 ended up costing ¥27.00 (arrrggg)

Anyway, we didn’t have time to argue. I already rushed Maria, and it sort of sounded like a scold, even though I didn’t mean to. ( oops )

Anyway, we made it to the ticket booth, it’s now 10:08pm, time is still rolling.

The lines are moderate, not too long, but not short either.

Maria gets in line, and I make my way toward the self serve ticketing machine to see if I could grab them quicker.

Time — 10:15…

Tickets– Got em!

Everyone is boarding, and so are we.



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