Journey to Tibet pt3. – The Train to Lhasa

Journey to Tibet pt3. Getting to the train.

We woke up bright and early the next morning. I showered, and Maria finalized the details about the missing documents.

The agent quickly sent us what we needed to print out in order to board the train towards our destination.
Time check 9:00am

Our train departs 11:44am

The printing shop opens 9:30am
There is still enough time for us to have breakfast, printout the remaining documents, head back to our hotel room and grab our bags before we head to the train.
And that’s exactly what we did.
However, we didn’t anticipate the heard of people that would be at the train station that morning.


We didn’t anticipate the insincere behavior and the pushing of the people. It made it quite unpleasant to be surrounded by so many rushing individuals. We had about lost all hope of the people and their way of life, until one man, showed great generosity and respect. He didn’t shove, push or try to squeeze his way through the line. He simple made way for us, smiled and that was the gateway towards an enjoyable trip towards Lasa.



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