Journey to Tibet pt5. – The Skytrain And Altitude Sickness

Journey to Tibet pt5. The Skytrain
The transfer was quick and involved a lot less bargaining, as the ride up to Lhasa did not have as many occupants. We had the six person sleeper cabin to ourselves, and it was wonderful.

It was wonderful until about 2:30am.

That’s when it happened, swift as a thief in the night. Without any mercy the altitude shift decided to rob me of any pleasantries I would have gained.

It, was, dreadful to say the least. Anyone who has had any form of altitude sickness can attest to what I’m about to share.

∆ First, there is the feeling that the ground isn’t steady. Yes, I do remember that I’m on a train, however when something isn’t right, something isn’t right… And something wasn’t right.

∆ Second, there is the pulsing in the base of the skull, it resembles a headache, but it’s worse.

∆ Third, the immediate urge to vomit. I was very fortunate that at 2:30 in the morning not many occupants were in need of the toilet. That toilet hole, was mine!!!




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