Lhasa pt1. – Surviving the Sickness

The journey to Tibet – Lhasa pt1.

Stepping off the platform I remembered how beautiful the station looked. I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to enjoy the entire scene, or even pose for a photo however, I could tell it was magnificent.

Each step was heavy and the altitude sickness was getting worse. A brief walk towards immigration and customs seemed like a life time. Although it was short, the headache and the lack of energy made everything that much more tiresome.

After customs, we met up with our tour guide who taxied us to our hotel. We would stay a few days to wait for the rest of our tour group to arrive. At that moment I realized that I would either recover or DIE!!!
Die, I almost did. Instead of dying, I decided to rush to the toilet and vomit. It seemed like a better alternative than death, nebertheless, death seemed like it could be an option for future if needed.

That night was spent in bed. I still had no appetite and no energy to walk. Maria, a saint throughout this ordeal, made it comfortable for me to make an effort in my recovery. I appreciated her for that.

Thank you Masha!

2016-02-04 09.35.07.jpg

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