Lhasa pt2. – The recovery

Journey to Tibet – Lhasa pt2.

The vomiting had ceased, but the sleeping was difficult. It felt that my body was on a constant decline, absolutely not parallel to the floor or bed at all. My lips began to chap as my body started to dehydrate, I was literally pruning.

Maria and I attempted breakfast. I took two bites of the toasted bread, and nearly vomited. That was the only meal I could handle for the time being. We headed back down into our room where I resumed my fetal position on the bed, while Maria tried her best to reassure that everything would be better soon. In between her town exploration she would force feed me some warm water to at least get me hydrated.

That night, after my unsuccessful afternoon naps, I decided not to be a complete suck and attempt a walk. It was the best decision I made. The night life was beautiful, the air was crisp and it was something that set a positive tone towards my recovery.


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