Lhasa pt.5 – Drepung Monastery

Journey to Tibet – Lhasa pt5.
The Drepung Monastery

Today was a better day than the first 3. Strength was at 88% with an appetite and a hydrated face.

This was the day we were able to meet the rest of our tour group, the journey was finally afoot!

Just before our departure, we were informed that one of our tour group members had been afflicted with a combination of altitude sickness and food poisoning. Double whammy!!!

The drive to Drepung Monastery was not long, it was made even shorter due to the camaraderie among a the group.

When we arrived, our tour guide gave us 25 minutes to explore and climb the hill to a peak with a splendid view. 15 minutes turned into 30 due to our curious nature.

When we descended, our tour guide greeted us pleasantly and the proceeded to lead us to the monasteries.


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