Wicked Air Kicks

The Dragon Kick – GanZhou: January 2015

Find out more about GanZhou here



The Rock Star Guitar solo – Cambodia: February 2015

More about Cambodia and Ankor Wat here


The Malaysian hurdler – Malaysia: March 2015

The Journey to Malaysia has more than one story. Find out more



Beach Fighter – Malaysia: March 2015

Before the beach something insane happened! Click here



The Wedding crasher – Dapeng, ShenZhen: May 2015



The Dragon Lord – Somewhere in Guangdong, China: September 2015



The Tamil Tiger – Sri Lanka: October 2015

Sri Lanka is beautiful, let me show you. Stay in Sri Lanka



The BaseCamp Bison – Tibet: January 2016

The Journey to Lhasa Tibet was more than just an Awesome air kick, see here and know why.



The Genie – Guangdong, China: February 2016


Here are some really fun pictures I had taken of me. Some of them have really great stories attached as links. Be sure to check them out and leave comments. If you have done some wicked air kicks, please share! I want to know where you have been, and where I need to do my next air kick.

Life is fun, make sure you go out Kick’n and Scream’n

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