The Hong Kong Ferry





Hong Kong is about 20 minutes away from the area I am currently staying in China. Getting over to Hong Kong though is not like traveling to the other provinces in mainland China. You need your passport and any additional document that is required to prove your identity and grants you access to stay. That being said, I should advise that your entry into mainland may be limited based on your documentation and visa status. But don’t worry, in the event, you​ may need a temporary extension there is an immigration office at the border that can provide​ the assistance you require.

So that was the appetizer, now here is the main course!

Hong Kong – full of plenty foreigners from far and wide. I’m talking about India, Australia, England, USA and lets not forget… Canada

insert patriotic cheer here

It seems like Hong Kong is the international go to place in China.
I haven’t had the opportunity to stay there long, but from the looks of it, Hong Kong… Never sleeps!
But I mean, if I​ were a city that harbored international business I would be on a 24/7 schedule too.
I took a ferry​ ride over to Hong Kong and that experience alone was worth sharing. The waters, the buildings the mountain view.
Words can not express it … Get off your butt and see the word!!!

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