Just A Jockey In Hong Kong

Here in Happy Valley the one place in the world I would not expect to see people indulge in the equestrian sport. Mind you if you are familiar with my earlier posts, you would be adept at my lack of world experiences. So it should be no surprise that I’m shocked to find horse racing in Hong Kong, such a fan favorite.

Let me disarm some comments before they are made. Comments such as…

You BIG Racist, Hong Kong was heavily influenced by British culture, therefore you should know that Horse racing would be a big deal and a part of their culture.

Umm, well you might be right about the whole British culture and influence thing, but does it make me RACE-ist that I had no idea that RACE-ing was big deal in Hong Kong?

Let me be frank with you all, when I decided to come to China, I didn’t want to see or experience anything that the natives of China would consider foreign. In my opinion, it’s like going to an Italian restaurant and asking for mash potatoes and steak. I have no doubt that Chef Pasquale could whip up​ a ​mean tater and mutton, but why bother going to the Italian restaurant, why not head to a steakhouse​ instead? Don’t waste the chefs time making a special order.


Anyway, I’m here at the Hong Kong Jockey Club and I must say, it’s beautiful. The Horses look well groomed and well behaved, well fed and pampered to the brim. The track itself is turfed, pretty obvious, this was a request made by Sea Biscuit, would have made Black Beauty proud. Apparently turf to horses is what Nikes are to teenagers.

In all honesty, the energy here is amazing. It might be the alcohol-fuelled​ patrons, the thrill of the bets, or the fact that I just lost all my money on horse number 1 and that I don’t have a care in the world at the moment.
Life is good in China and HongKong if​ you let it, heck what do I know, I’m just a little jockey in Hong Kong right now. Don’t just take my word for it though, experience it.

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