Las Vegas In China

I’m not the type to really go out and party on a frequent basis, and I still am not, to be honest. I’m not into ridiculous and unnecessary long lineups, outrageous cover charges along with the whole crowded, confined space, with a multitude of inebriated boys & girls spilling drinks onto shirts, stepping on shoes and occasionally vomiting in or around a close proximity, (Hash-tag) NOT cool!
This, of course, is my experience from various nightclubs and lounges in North America, and I am willing to gamble five dollars and say, this possibly is the same in various nightclubs in Europe, Australia, and Russia.

But picture this, let’s just imagine that one day we could wake up in a world where there is a complex of bars and lounges, playing music that caters to all genres, no lineups​, (no cover?) and extremely inexpensive ‘alcoholic’ beverages. Every adolescent’s​ dream come true, ​right?
Well in CoCo Park, located in Shenzhen, China, ​is where you can find this little utopia. Picture Las Vegas in China – minus the Casinos of course.

CoCo Park is phenomenal! You get to experience a very happening, energetic scene without the feeling of being overwhelmed with lineups​, cover charges, and obnoxious individuals. ( Keep in mind, if you clearly stick out as a foreigner like me the ‘Black Dragon’ you might get approached a few times with curious small talk ) Other than that, if you ever make your way down to China, and happen to be in Shenzhen, first of all​, ​ make sure you drop me a line and say hi and secondly, in the famous words of the man formerly​ known as Prince

party like its 1999

You will not regret it, I personally guarantee your enjoyment, or your money back!20131023-182522.jpg​’

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