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It’s September 10th 2013, I’m officially in China. I’m in a whole new world! Besides living in Italy for 3 years in my early years of a ​life, I have only known Canada and to be quite honest, the province of Ontario GTA to be exact ( Greater Toronto Area ). So as you can imagine, having this kind of testicular fortitude to simply uproot and plant myself in a new country, which I know very little of, by the way, is either really courageous or completely imbecilic. ( I don’t like to think of myself as an imbecile) plus, isn’t there a saying about courage and taking a leap towards adventure and discovery? If not, then maybe there should be one, and it should go a little something like this, in a 17th century British accent of course.

No true discovery is ever made from looking out one’s window, rather, one can uncover so many more truths opening the front door and stepping beyond one’s​ front porch

( feel free to insert YOLO anywhere after here )

Ok, so I did a little more than a ​step beyond the front porch, but let’s be honest “50 years from now when we look back on our lives, don’t we want to say that we had the guts to get in the car?” ( 5 dollars to whoever​ can tell me where that quote is from )

If I didn’t do what I did, if I didn’t take this journey to China, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how wonderful it is here in Shenzhen. I mean there are some beautiful scenery, people, atmosphere, and culture. Don’t get me wrong, there are some not so pleasant things like ​the spitting ( men, women, young, old ). The excessive smoking, the occasional smell of​ sewage and the fact that mopeds are allowed on sidewalks. But other than these few things that I mentioned, where I am in China is amazing, and I am looking forward to exploring more of this country. ( The spitting is pretty gross though )

View of Shekou in September


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