From Toronto To China


Fear began to settle in when we realized that we were drowning in debt. Approximately forty thousand dollars worth of it. Things began to go from bad to worse. Failed relationships weighed heavier than the stress of the debt load. Friendships disintegrating, business ventures fell through the cracks, family disfunction, and to top it off, failed suicide attempts. Yes, that is right, we tried to take our own life because we just didn’t have or felt that we had anyone to talk with or to about our problems. We needed help, and we needed it badly.

Picture this, I’m sitting in my basement apartment that I’m renting in the North York region of Toronto. Then one day I get this crazy idea to live life like it was my last day on Earth.
We always hear the cliche or, we see reality television live it for us so, I figure why not do it myself. I mean really do it, live like I had 24 hours left.

So what did I do?

I’m glad I asked that question for you.

What I did? I Bought a one way ticket to ChinaShenzhen to be specific, and flew out to my very first destination.


We’re completely stoked about this, and  hope you’ll come along for this amazing ride.

We’ll be sharing events from the beginning of our journey to the point of the Corona virus outbreak and what we planned to do to get all the belongings we left behind.

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