Audrey Tournier Builds Her Slow Living Empire In Hong Kong

Shenzhen Chronicles

Shenzhen Chronicles Presents: Audrey and Slow Living.

We had the pleasure to chat with one of Shenzhen’s most successful female entrepreneur and how she is paving the way for other females to take charge of their lives and follow their intuition. We observed that she essentially is a role model for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Here is what she had to say:

“I really don’t consider myself as a role model but I don’t mind answering your questions if that helps. I have been in China for eleven years, and in Shenzhen for seven of those years. Before Shenzhen I was in Shanghai, I was working in a corporate office doing logistics shipping for ten years. I was sent by my company to China as an expat, at various managerial positions in Shanghai and Shenzhen.”

Audrey explained that she started studying Chinese at the age of seventeen because she was fascinated with Chinese calligraphy.

“My life dream back then was to learn Chinese, go to China and study traditional calligraphy with an old bearded master in some random mountain ”WechatIMG77Her corporate career came to an end sometime in 2014, Audrey explains her transition.

“I made the difficult choice to quit my high paid corporate job and all this life of privilege after an almost burnout  incident in 2014. I took a two-year sabbatical then after that founded Slow Living in Hong Kong.”

When we asked her why she gave up everything she had worked ten years to build to start her own company, this is what Audrey had to say.

“ I disliked the corporate world. Logistics had never been a passion, as you can imagine. I find it to be so uncreative, full of ego fights and draining my time. If I have to be sucked dry of my energy I’d rather it be for myself.”

This probed Audrey to make a bucket list, take a two-year sabbatical and incidentally inspired her to create Slow Living.

“ I wanted to do something to help others live healthier lives, hence Slow Living. I wrote a few texts with self  made illustrations about this transition from corporate world to non-corporate world.”WechatIMG80We discovered that Audrey manufactures all her products that is found in her Slow Living catalogue. Everything from skincare to aromatherapy products for emotional wellness. Audrey took it upon herself to earn a diploma in organic skincare formulation from Formula Botanica Cosmetic Science institute in the UK and one from Aromatherapy from the Aromahead school of Aromatherapy in Florida.

“My concept is to formulate and hand make cosmetics here in China, but using exclusively organic material from all around the world.”

Audrey is from the south of France, from a place called Marseille, in Provence. A place that is gorgeous and sunny all year long. A definite destination to travel if you have not been.WechatIMG74A message that Audrey wants to share with the women of the world…

“ Nothing makes me feel sorrier than to see someone has given up on their dreams or feeling self defeated. When you give up on your dreams you’re just giving up on yourself ”

For more about Audrey and Slow Living, be sure to follow her

WeChat: atournier

Instagram: SlowlivingChina

Many young women admire the entrepreneurial achievements  of other women who accomplish and achieve their dreams.

It’s never too late to start doing what you desire. Whether you have spent ten years climbing the corporate ladder or bouncing from job to job, you can always get into the life you have always wanted.

“If I have to be sucked dry of my energy I’d rather it be for myself.”

Audrey has made it her mission to continue to develop Slow Living into a wholesome brand that can be recognized nation wide. Her next step is to register her WFOE in the very near future.

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