Helen Sorenson And The Sun-Star Academy

When a young Philippine woman quit her job to open her own academy, she had no idea what to expect. Several years later, she is contemplating expanding on her establishment.


The Brand Name Simply Known As March17

Shenzhen Chronicles Presents: March17 We had the pleasure to speak with Liva, one of the founding members of March17 and asked her about the motivation that sparked the idea for the brand. “Love for jewelry and accessories. I like to have something unique and special, but at the same time casual and simple. And I…

From Toronto To China

Before I wrote our first travel book, I had no idea I was going to write a travel book. If someone would have told me that I would do it, I wouldn’t have disagreed, I just wouldn’t think that It would happen so soon.
Live. Love. Laugh.

Chinese Lifestyle

Why is traveling so important? Many people hold themselves back from seeing the world because of vary personal and valid reasons, however just a little bit of effort will allow you to take a leap forward in your self growth.