Adrian Blackstock Is The Hip Hop Showman In Shenzhen

When it comes to the competitive nature of the industry, Adrian expresses what he has experienced and how he is able to manage his life.
“It’s a lot of competition here for jobs and works. Bars are constantly changing, lots of people applying for jobs and opportunities…

Lounging In Liepaja

It has been so great to be back on the road and travling to new places. This time our adventure has brought new and uncharted territory to us. Our recent school of travel has brought us to Latvia! Know for it’s Beaches, music festivals, and hospitality, Latvia is a must visit destination if you love…

From Toronto To China

Before I wrote our first travel book, I had no idea I was going to write a travel book. If someone would have told me that I would do it I wouldn’t have disagreed, I just wouldn’t think that It would happen so soon.
Live. Love. Laugh.

Chinese Lifestyle

Why is traveling so important? Many people hold themselves back from seeing the world because of vary personal and valid reasons, however just a little bit of effort will allow you to take a leap forward in your self growth.